My Works have featured in Style Shoots for Stylists & Interior Designers



‘A Song Before Sleep’ Real Living Magazine  / Styled by Heather Nette King

‘Bodicea’ Auhaus Architecture and Life Spaces Group /  Styled by Heather Nette King

‘Alpine Glow’ Style shoot for Nancy Bird Accessories

An Artist Editorial piece featuring my home, workspace and creative process / by Alaana Cobon  

‘Lost in Fog’ Style shoot for Abode Living / Styled& Shot by Jennie Sluvinsky Evans & Jenah Piwanski

‘Denim & Soul’ Style Shoot for Abode Living / Styled & Shot by Jennie Sluvinsky Evans & Jenah Piwanski

‘Editorial Piece on Art & Home’ Style Shoot for Sunday Living Magazine / Styled & Shot by Heather Nette King & Armelle Habib 2018

KJ Collective 

The Interiors Assembly


Kiss With Style

Coming Soon

                                    Guggen Art Gallery ~ East Malvern